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CRYPTORAMA Century Edition

CRYPTORAMA Century Edition is a unique project of the «Unumnetwork» team, inspired by the idea of solving socially significant problems through the development of NFT technologies. Environmental and then geopolitical catastrophes led to a crisis in an already vulnerable economic system. Mankind is forced to redistribute resources, directing most of them to humanitarian needs. Areas such as art and environmental protection have faded into the background, despite the fact that they are the fulcrum on which we will build a new world.

The theme of our first collection – totem animals – is designed to remind of the sacred connection between man and his environment. We are convinced that this ancient source of knowledge and skills can also be useful in a digitalized society, where, it would seem, there is no room for passive development. We invite you to find a way to balance with us and at the same time take part in charitable initiatives.

Cryptorama century edition
10% of sales will be converted into USD and donated to support endangered animals at the following zoos: Berlin Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Beijing Zoo, Columbus Zoo, Pretoria Zoo, London Zoo, Singapore Zoo + 3 additional zoos to be selected by the buyers of our NFTs.
In addition, 10% of sales in the Ethereum currency will go to the purchase of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Kusama cryptocurrencies. We will invest these tokens in staking at 10% per annum for 365 days and return them to customers with interest at the end of the term according to the percentage of the money they invested into CRYPTORAMA Century Edition NFTs.
Charity and bonus programs will be launched immediately after the sale of the last batch of CRYPTORAMA Century Edition tokens.
Buyers of CRYPTORAMA Century Edition NFT tokens receive priority to purchase tokens from our next collections within the first 48 hours after launch, up to 10% of the collection. Also, all participants will receive original drawings, which we will send to anywhere in the world at our own expense.
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Limited collection of NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our team analyzed the crypto sector and identified several priority tasks, including unconditional profitability for all buyers, the uniqueness of collectibles and availability on popular platforms. On April 15th, 2023 at 23:59:59 London time (UTC+0), we will list the first 16 NFTs for sale, with trading closing scheduled for April 22th, 2023 at 23:59:59 London time (UTC+0). Going forward, starting April 23th, 2023 at 00:00:00 London time (UTC+0), we will offer 7 NFTs for sale every week. Thus, the total period for the sale of tokens will be 13 weeks.
«Unumnetwork» team
We are grateful to every buyer of our collection, we hope that after a while the tokens will bring you not only profit, but also the joy of inspiration.
Buy the most unique and thrilling limited collection with huge amount of bonuses and benefits ever.